BROTHER S/N direct drive sewer with auto cutter
BROTHER Bartack Sewing Machine
BROTHER Blind Stitch sewing Machine
BROTHER Button Hole Sewing Machine
BROTHER Button Stitch Sewing Machine
BROTHER Feed of the arm Sewing Machine
BROTHER Needle Feed Plain Sewing Machine
BROTHER Single Needle with Racing Puller
BROTHER Twin split needle sewing Machine
BROTHER Two Needle Sewing Machine
BROTHER Two Needle with racing puller
BROTHER Vertical Plain Sewing Machine
BROTHER Zigzag Sewing Machine
Kansai (4-n, Flat) Sewing machine
Kansai Chain Stitch (11N) Sewing machine
PEGASUS Flat Lock (Cylind) Sewing Machine
PEGASUS Flat Lock(Flat) Sewing Machine
PEGASUS Overlock-4th Sewing Machine
PEGASUS Overlock-5th Sewing Machine
KM 10” Cutting M/C
KM 8” Cutting M/C
HASHIMA Thread winding (Re-con)M/C
SAF GUARD Guard snap tester machine (Pull test)
Yiusha Diesel Generator
UK Diesel Generator
Vacuum Iron Table
VEIT Electric Steam Iron
VEIT Vacuum Ironing Table
VEIT Heavy duty Industrial Iron
VEIT Stem Generator
VEIT Shirt Folding Table
MAX Brand Knife Cutting Machine
VEIT Front Placket Pressing Machine
AEL Thread Sucking Machine
AEL Vacuum Ironing Table 36”x48”
CHINA– Air Compressor
AEL Industrial Gas Steam Boiler
AEL Fabric Inspection Machine
NGAI Cuff forming and turning M/C
NGAI Collar forming and turning M/C
SILVER STAR Electric Steam Iron
TYPICAL/ SEWMAC Two needle chain stitch Machine